KontoMoney's E-Wallet services offer a versatile and accessible digital payment solution to communities across Nigeria. By integrating E-Wallets with the extensive network of KontoMoney agent banking locations, we ensure financial inclusion and convenience for users.

Dimensions of E-Wallets

Features and Functions of E-Wallets

Digital Payments

Description: Pay for goods and services using mobile phones or other digital devices.
Benefits: Secure, convenient alternative to cash, reducing the need for physical money.

Fund Transfers

Intra-Wallet Transfers: Quick transfers between KontoMoney E-Wallet users.
Bank Transfers: Transfer funds to any bank account in Nigeria.

Bill Payments

Utility Bills: Pay electricity, water, and gas bills directly.
Telecommunication Bills: Recharge mobile phones and pay for internet and cable TV services.

Merchant Payments

POS Integration: Use at Point of Sale (POS) terminals in shops and businesses.
Online Payments: Shop online and pay for services securely.

Savings and Budgeting Tools

Savings Plans: Set aside money for savings.
Budget Management: Track expenses and manage budgets within the app.

Security and Compliance

Regulatory Adherence

Compliance: Follows Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) regulations.

AML/KYC Policies: Implements strict anti-fraud measures.

Data Security

Encryption: Protects user data and transactions.

Biometric Authentication: Uses fingerprint and facial recognition.

Economic Empowerment and Inclusion

Inclusive Services

Low Barriers to Entry: Minimal documentation for registration.

Community Engagement: Local agents build trust and ensure inclusion.

Customer Support

Digital Economy Participation: Enables commerce and trade opportunities.

Financial Independence: Easy access to financial services for better financial management.