KontoMoney extends its range of financial services to include various investment options, accessible through its extensive network of agency banking.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including Courier and Post Booking, Postal Stamp Sales, and Express Mail Service (EMS). Our operations are integrated seamlessly with the Agent Banking platform to provide a streamlined and efficient service. Through this partnership, customers can access our postal and courier services at various agent banking locations across Nigeria, offering convenience and accessibility.

Dimensions of Remittance

1. Online Crowdfunding

– Online crowdfunding platform is accessible through agents, allowing customers to invest in promising projects and startups.

– Agents assist customers in choosing crowdfunding opportunities that align with their investment strategy and personal values.

2. Venture Capital Opportunities

– Agents facilitate connections between customers and exclusive venture capital opportunities, allowing investors to support innovative startups and projects.

– Agents provide expert advice on potential investments and facilitate participation in venture capital deals.

3. Secure Transactions

– Payments and transactions related to investments are processed securely through the Agent Banking platform.

– Agents ensure customers receive documentation and receipts for all financial transactions.

4. Investment Consultation

– Customers can visit any Agent location for personalized consultation on impactful investment opportunities and services.

– Agents provide insights into various investment portfolios, venture capital opportunities, and online crowdfunding options tailored to each customer’s interests and goals.

5. Portfolio Management

– Through the Agent Banking platform, customers can easily access and manage their investment portfolios.

– Agents offer guidance and support for strategic planning and portfolio adjustments, helping customers make informed investment decisions.