Postal Service

KontoMoney Postal services provide reliable and efficient courier and postal services in partnership with the Nigerian Postal Service.

These services aim to empower individuals and communities across Nigeria by providing secure and profitable investment opportunities. Our platform connects investors with opportunities to support meaningful projects and startups across Nigeria. From online crowdfunding to comprehensive advisory services and venture capital, Konto Crowd helps you shape the future with strategic and thoughtful investments.

Dimensions of Postal services

Service Booking

Customers can visit any of our agent locations to book courier and postal services, including Express Mail Service (EMS).

Agents assist customers in choosing the right service based on their needs, whether it’s local or international delivery.

Postal Stamp Sales

Our agents sell a variety of postal stamps for customers’ mailing needs.

Customers can purchase stamps for personal or business use at our agent locations.

Package Handling

Agents handle the initial processing of parcels, ensuring proper packaging and labeling for secure and efficient delivery.

They collect packages from customers and provide them with a tracking number for easy monitoring.

Tracking and Updates

– Agents provide tracking information to customers, enabling them to monitor the status of their parcels.

– Customers can check updates online or inquire with the agent for real-time tracking information.

Customer Support

– Our agents are trained to offer excellent customer support, answering questions and resolving any issues that may arise during the booking or delivery process.

– They serve as a point of contact for customers, providing assistance and ensuring a smooth experience