Loan & Payments

KontoMoney’s agency banking model significantly enhances the availability and accessibility of financial services in nigeria.

Through a widespread network of local agents, KontoMoney provides a comprehensive suite of loan and payment services, ensuring that even the most remote communities can access essential financial resources.

Dimensions of Loans & Payments

1. Loan Disbursement

Purpose: Personal, small business, and agricultural needs.

Eligibility: Basic credit assessment, proof of income, sometimes collateral.

Purpose: Purchasing consumer goods, education.

Eligibility: Creditworthiness assessment, income verification, sometimes collateral.

Purpose: Business expansion, equipment purchase, cash flow management.

Eligibility: Business financials, proof of operations, credit history.

2. Loan Repayment

Methods: Cash payments or direct debits via agents.

Real-Time Updates: Transactions updated instantly.

Receipts and Confirmation: Printed receipts for transparency.

Plans: Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly repayment options.

Convenience: Payments at any agent location.

Structured Repayment: Tailored to business cash flow.

Agent Assistance: Ongoing support for timely payments.

Key components


Geographical Reach: Services in urban, semi-urban, and rural areas.
Local Agents: Trained community agents for easy access.

Real-Time Processing

Integrated Systems: Real-time processing of applications, disbursements, and repayments.
Instant Confirmation: Immediate transaction confirmation via SMS or receipt.

Customer Support

Agent Training: Rigorous training for accurate support.
Support Channels: Helplines and customer service centers.

Financial Inclusion

Inclusive Criteria: Targeting unbanked and underbanked populations.
Simplified Processes: Reduced documentation for easier access.

Security and Compliance

Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) standards.
Data Security: Encryption and biometric authentication.

Economic Empowerment

Individuals: Funds for personal improvement, education, and goods.
Small Businesses: Growth, job creation, and local economic development.